Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) training is essential for anyone working in an environment where they may be exposed to violence or aggression. This includes healthcare workers, social care workers, teachers, and other professionals who work with the public.

ACI Training & Consultancy is pleased to offer upcoming PMVA training courses in London on 31st August 2023 and in Manchester on 14th September 2023.

Our PMVA training courses are BILD certified and RRN compliant, ensuring that you receive the highest quality training. The courses cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Understanding violence and aggression
  • Identifying the signs of violence and aggression
  • De-escalating situations before they escalate
  • Using physical techniques to defend yourself
  • Managing violence and aggression in the workplace

Our PMVA training courses are delivered by experienced trainers who are experts in violence and aggression prevention and management. The courses are interactive and practical, giving you the skills you need to stay safe in the workplace.

To book your place on our upcoming PMVA training courses, please visit our website or call us on 01291 624451.

Why choose ACI Training & Consultancy for PMVA training?

  • BILD certified and RRN compliant
  • Experienced trainers
  • Interactive and practical training
  • Flexible course dates
  • Free resources and support

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Timian Certification - Darren Wiggins

Timian Certification - Kate Lewis

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