In recent times there have been a number of cases, some of them high profile, relating to breaches of confidentiality and loss of personal information, within the healthcare sector.

This unwelcome publicity has served to highlight the need for all healthcare professionals to have a good grounding in and awareness of the protection and safeguarding of sensitive or restricted information.

This area will only become even more relevant in years to come as healthcare becomes increasingly tied to and dependent upon IT technologies, including the concerning rise of AI (Artifical Intelligence). Health related information must be private, secure and confidential, and ensuring that this is the case and that measures are in place to safeguard such information has long been a fundamental principle within the NHS.

Health workers will continue to face an ongoing and more complex challenge of ensuring that patient information is both private and secure. As mentioned above, as data becomes increasingly complex and distributed across many different electronic systems, the task of ensuring the safety of this data also grows more complex.

So, making sure that personal health information is kept secure and confidential is not easy. Clearly, as the complexity of information increases, so must the skills and knowledge of healthcare workers who are dealing with that data on a regular or occasional basis.

In addition,the legislation and regulation surrounding this area undergoes frequent changes, which adds a further challenge to healthcare workers dealing with patient information.

Training in information governance is essential for all staff working in relevant industries, but especially so in the healthcare sector where so much sensitive and confidential information is involved. It’s crucial that all healthcare workers dealing with patient data gain an understanding of the principles and standards ofinformation governance in their day-to-day jobs, which then empowers them to make better decisions about that the usage and protection of that data as and when needed.

If you’re interested in becoming properly qualified by taking this course with ACI, you should be aware that Information Governance and Data Security is a statutory / mandatory requirement for all staff working in the NHS involved in routine access to information. If you sign up to this course we offer, the certificate is valid for 1 year. This course is mapped and aligned to the UK CSTF.

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