Nurses Appraisals and Revalidation

Nurses Appraisals and Revalidation

Nurses must revalidate every 3 years and should undergo annual appraisal with a nurse who is a more senior grade.

Nurse Appraisals

All nurses must receive an annual appraisal from a Registered Nurse of a more senior grade – all ACI Registered Nurses who perform appraisal have received appraiser training and attend regular update workshops to ensure we keep up to date with best practice.

Nurse Revalidation

Every 3 years nurses must go through the revalidation process to remain registered with the NMC. Employers have a responsibility to support their nurses through the revalidation process and to provide access to a confirmer.
Locum nurses can sometimes find it difficult to appoint a “line manager” as their NMC confirmer.
ACI are able to act as confirmer for the revalidation process and at the same time provide a reflective discussion with the nurse to use as part of the process.
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